Sunday, August 29, 2010

the sun will come out

I move into my dorm at Wellesley College.
Oh my word! Can you believe it?!
Before this, there were so many crazy sad good-byes and I'm now ready to finally say some HELLOS!
I am so super excited and mom and I have had the BEST 4 days getting ready and spending time together. Mom's are the greatest, they literally know exactly what to say to make you happy and/or think about what to do in life's crazy situations.
I'll be sure to update this later!
Right now I feel: excited/nervous/scared/so happy/naseous/ready/not ready/LET'S GO


Sunday, August 8, 2010


This summer has been the most random though amazing time of my life.
I find myself relaxing most of the time, but know that I will not have "grace-relaxing time" pretty much anymore after college begins.
yes, I drive the family's white-whale suburban.
The man who gave me my test was ridiculously weird but I'm grateful that he helped me pass my test!
I am off to Girls Camp in Arrowhead on Tuesday - I know it will be SO MUCH FUN.
19 days until I fly to Wellesley.
I cannot wait one more second.
Life will begin :)
And yet, before this there will be sad good-byes and 'see you laters'
I think my tear-ducts will need a rest after the end of august
I'm ready,