Tuesday, March 22, 2011

a language lesson

The other night I was sitting on the couch with my eight year-old sister Mollie

I turned to her and said: "Yo quiero Taco Bell. That means 'I want Taco Bell' in Spanish"

She replied "So do I. That means 'So do I' in English"

I'd say she's wise beyond her years

Friday, March 11, 2011

golden dumpsters

Just a typical Friday night.

Gina picks me up from Wellesley Middle School where I was performing with the Tupelos at AcaStock. We pull into the driveway behind Pomeroy residence hall, waiting for our friend Cosmo to finish babysitting. We sit in the car chatting and laughing, and after some time I plug in her iPod and turn on the song "Golden Slumbers" by the Beatles. Mind you, it is not the happiest of tunes.

We sit there in the dark, in car, behind a dumpster, waiting for Cosmo and singing along to the woeful/hopeful melody of John, Paul, George, and Ringo. During the second verse, Gina pulls out her plastic bottle of Diet Dr. Pepper, takes a sip and asks "want some?". I smirk and refuse the offer. Then, as if on cue, Gina and I break into hysterics realizing the situation we are actually in.

Picture this: two college aged girls, parked in a White Sedan, in a handicapped parking spot, next to a huge navy blue dumpster, with only the faint light of a single lightbulb illuminating the scene. Not your typical "big party" Friday Night.

We then turn on the Into the Woods soundtrack. (Yes, we were waiting for quite some time)
We sing through 'Agony', 'Goodbye Old Friend', and 'It Takes Two' and eventually decide that we should look for somewhere to eat. Driving down Central, we come upon a police roadblock. Consequently, we are forced to turn down a dark, foggy, wooded lane. With trees on either side of us, we drive down the road, listening to "No One Is Alone" - also from Into the Woods

Ironically, we are very much alone. In the woods.

We then decided not to go out to Brother Austin's house and instead, we come home and order Dominos Pizza. Cosmo finally gets home and returns to Munger and we collectively decided to watch my high school production of Into the Woods. While the Opening Number was playing, a deep Hispanic voice (think Fabio) bellowed "We're on our way my love, your delivery will be there shortly" -- Our Dominos tracker had dubbed over the musical. So hilarious

Love my life.

oops. he did it again

Today during Music Theory, our substitute professor was showing us samples of tonal music.

After Bach and Monteverdi, he pressed play on a 3rd CD.
Deep bass of Britney Spear's "Oops, I Did It Again" came blaring out of the speakers.
Me, sitting in the back row, started a dance party with my fellow classmates.

What a wild class that was.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

three hours later

The other day I walked into Abby and Leah's room just to say 'hi' and check-in on two of my best friends. Leah wasn't there, so I just sat on the floor and started talking with Abby about life (literally, just people, events, the day-to-day things)

We soon talked past the trivial things and then began talking about really personal life experiences and just our honest feelings about certain situations. At different points during the conversation we smiled, cried, laughed, and felt such a wide array of emotions it was truly indescribable. Long story short, I ended up sitting on the ground for THREE HOURS talking to my good friend Abby. Where did the time go? You tell me. There were so many precious life lessons that I learned from that discussion. Talking to Abby was so calming and uplifting and I was able to walk out of the room so inspired - above of the trees, surveying the beautiful forest.

Little Life Lessons:
1. Everything happens for a specific reason
a. You might not find out those reasons for a long while
2. There is not enough time to worry or care about things that are insignificant
3. Each person you meet will teach you something
a. every.single.person
4. You are never alone
a. Crowds of angels and loved ones watch and protect you
5. Make decisions so that One Sweet Day, you can say "I tried my absolute best and lived a life well lived"
6. Always do what makes you the happiest

Mind you, this conversation was so deep that I don't even know where our trains of thought went. All I know is that I really needed that talk.

True friends are those that make you happy and bring you closer to the person you are trying to become. When you find a friend, or friends, like that realize that they are an enormous blessing and be so incredibly grateful.

Thursday, March 3, 2011

stating the obvious

It's March 3rd.
There are only 2 months left of 2nd semester.
When Spring Break is over, there will only be 44 days until I fly home for Summer.
(But who's counting?)

Simply put: Time goes by extremely fast.

Thanks for stating it,
Captain Obvious