Tuesday, February 15, 2011

great minds think, dress, and exercise alike

Yesterday I was sitting on my bed doing some homework and my roommate SooIn asked if I wanted to go exercise on the ellipticals in our residence hall's basement. I said "sure" and then got ready - putting on my clothes, running shoes, etc.

When SooIn and I were ready to go we started walking down the stairs and after a few steps I stopped.

I looked at SooIn, and then myself, and realized that we were not only wearing virtually the same outfit: workout shorts, tshirts, and shoes but we specifically had:

1. the same brand of running shoe
2. tshirts from our respective high schools (Newport and Poly)
3. and the same length shorts


4. We both brought down our MacBook Laptops to watch Modern Family while we ran
5. and we both had different colored Wellesley College CamelBak Water Bottles

After noticing this we could not help but be a little creeped out (I mean, there were multiple strange coincidences) Still, we went and exercised together and it was productive!

Monday, February 14, 2011

imma tupelo

I am currently sitting in a cappella rehearsal.

I am a Wellesley College Tupelo

and I love it!

Tupie Love, Forever.

We are going to OWN at ICCA this Saturday

the end.