Thursday, April 26, 2012

This is something that has been on my mind lately. It's tricky to balance thinking of the future in the same sphere as cherishing each day. Plus, Sister Marjorie Pay Hinckley is quickly becoming one of my favorite people of all time. That is all. Happy Thursday!

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

easter festivities

Can I just say - this past weekend was a blast and a half? (Maybe even two blasts.)

Friday: Kendrick, Chris, Gina, and I went grocery shopping for some things that we needed for the weekend. We spent a long time in Stop n' Shop (which I hadn't planned for) but it all was great and we were able to buy some awesome things for two dinners and Sunday's Munch n' Mingle. After that, we went back to Wellesley and joined Arbor, Allison, and Lauren to watch She's the Man. Now let me tell you -- that is a quality film. Just imagine - you decide that it might be cool to dress up as your brother and pretend to be him for two weeks. I still am unsure of the motivation behind Amanda Bynes' actions, but it makes for an extremely entertaining movie. Then, we ate Dirt Cups! (No, we did not eat actual dirt...weirdo.) I have been wanting to eat Dirt Cups (chocolate pudding, oreo, and gummy worms) for a long time, and while we were at the grocery store, Chris suggested that we use pudding cups as the base instead of having to make pudding. IT WAS SO BRILLIANT. Thus, Dirt Cups were made possible by this innovative suggestion.

Saturday: Wait...quick side note. I got the Orientation position! It was actually quite frightening because I received the email from Dean Tenser right as I walked into class. So I was like "Do I read it now? Do I read it later? Or never?" But it's happening! I will be living in Wellesley this summer and I am super pumped. Anyways, on Saturday morning I was able to have brunch with Gissell, my Co-Orientation Coordinator. She seems awesome and fun so it was exciting to see things get started. Then, the Wellesley peeps got together to make 8 dozen cupcakes for the University Ward Munch n' Mingle. We played some music and had a great time just waitin' for the cupcakes to become cupcakes. When the cupcakes were finished, Kendrick and I took them back to Pom and met up with our friend Tyler. The three of us then went to run some more errands. After errands we ran (drove, actually) back to Wellesley to change and get things together for the Ward Talent Show. I was really excited for this since the FHE and Activities Committee had been planning it for a while and a lot of people were helping to make dinner and show off their talents! It ended up being such a fantastic event! People came, people sang, and people ate some delicious spaghetti and dessert and the overall atmosphere of the night was so awesome. Really, it was a great feeling to take part in making that night. There's more! After the talent show a bunch of us headed back to Wellesley to watch Singin' in the Rain (psssst, I had never seen it!). It was INCREDIBLE. Definitely at the top of the "Best movies ever created ever" List. It was fun to have a great group of us there just spending time together.

Sunday (EASTER): What a beautiful day! I woke up and put together two casseroles for us to eat for dinner. After brunch at Wellesley we headed to church. Some of us had a quick meeting and then it was time to decide: "Do we sing in Ward Choir or not?" I was grateful for Chris who helped me decide that we should head up to the stand and perform with the choir -- it was actually probably the best experience that I have had singing in a ward choir. I was able to think about my relationship with my Savior and the real meaning of life and resurrection and love. When church was over we all headed back to Wellesley and had a great dinner together! For the entire week I had been set on creating a home-like holiday here at Wellesley so I decided that it would be awesome if we sat around a table. With a lil' bothering some people sitting in the Lulu - we did it! WE SAT FIFTEEN PEOPLE AROUND A TABLE. It made me extremely happy. With dinner over, a few of us watched The Prince of Egypt. That movie = the perfect Easter movie. To think that Moses had the faith to lead a people out of Egypt and make so many wild decisions in order to follow the Lord. Wow. What a great night it was.

I love my friends to infinity and beyond. And I especially love how they make my life a fantastic one. Each one of them blesses my life in specific ways and it's incredibly fantastic trying to figure out who how I can help them as much as they help me. I am grateful that Heavenly Father continues to put wonderful people into my life - He knows when I am in need of advice, a good talk, and especially a good laugh.

D&C 121:9 :)

Have a great day!

Monday, April 2, 2012


This semester I am taking Music 308 - Conducting.

Can I just say, this class has become something that I dread weekly. I am not sure if I am allowed to post about this kind of thing on the Internet, but I just have to. It's not about the professor - Dr. Graham is an incredible instructor and mentor. It's just about how you need to practice and perfect your conducting gesture while unfortunately, I do not have a full choir ready and willing to sing for me whenever I need to practice.

So if anyone has a set of sopranos, altos, tenors, and basses lying around - Would you please send them my way?


Other than that - this morning was great! After General Conference Weekend I feel reenergized and ready to be a stronger tool in the Lord's hands. I was able to eat breakfast and start my morning off right with some scripture reading.

Life is about perfecting ourselves to become the person that the Lord wants and needs us to be - and He knows our divine potential! Sometimes I think, "Well, I think I'm kind of cool already," but Heavenly Father will give us experiences throughout our lives that will make us even stronger and wiser than we ever knew we could be. How exciting is that? It makes me look at my life's comings and goings a lot differently than before.

It's thrilling to change and have the opportunity to become a little bit better everyday.

Sunday, April 1, 2012

lucky penny

So there's this penny.

It's sitting heads up on my driver's seat and I have decided to keep it there. Every time I get in my car I sit on it. Then when I get out of the car it's just chillin' there heads up - giving me all kinds of luck.

I want to believe that this has potential. Hmm.