Sunday, September 9, 2012

tupelos and flowers

I have finished my first week of Junior Year! I am currently sitting in Mabelly and Kendall's room because GUESS WHAT? I finished all of my work before church today. It feels so good to do that. This past week we tapped 5 wonderful first-years into the Tupelos! One of them chose another group, so now we have four awesome Newpelos! Tap night was fun and I could not be more excited to start singing with the Tupelos tomorrow. 

Here is a picture after all of the lil' babies had been tapped!

Today was Flower Sunday, one of Wellesley's oldest traditions. On this day you receive your Wellesley Little Sister. This is a picture of me and Lizzy's little sister, Kam. She is such a sweetheart!

This is Steffi and me. Steffi is my little sister! We're also in the Tupelos together. We became Wellesley Sisters kind of through our friend, Anisha. Steffi is always a light to my day. She is very calm, funny, and a very logical thinker. I love her!

This week I pledge to sleep more and take more time to think instead of just going all the time. 

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