Tuesday, July 31, 2012

life & changes

I was listening to the this song tonight and it really resonated with me. Fun fact: I had never listened to this song before today.

Black Keys - Things Ain't Like They Used To Be

The mood of the song is a lot more angsty than I feel right now, but change is something that I have thought about lately. Life is built for change. If we always stayed exactly the same we would not fulfill the purpose of this life - to progress.

If I think back to myself even last summer, I see an almost completely different person - and I like that. I like that I have now lived on my own, worked on my own, and traveled on my own. I have driven more this summer than I ever had in my life, I have even better taste in music (truthfully), and I am getting to know myself and my personality in a deeper way.

I am still impulsive, impatient, and actually crazy, but I like to think that I have become a more thoughtful, grateful, and positive person somewhere along the way.

I will still never lose in a sass battle, but I have learned to listen and respect in new and more meaningful ways.

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  1. You are a marvelous work and a wonder! Love this post-